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Friday, March 31 2006

Do it Palm!

I just read this story on heise.de (in German) about Palm building its own Linux based OS now. Also don't confuse this with the plans of PalmSource which is already working on this for some time now (I can't really remember when this was first announced). The article further describes how PalmSource stopped doing the quite good PalmSource Developer Conference which I guess was one part of the whole Palm sucks now disaster. Anyway it seems like Palm tries to get away from PalmSource, which I think is a really good idea, since they really need to become the cool PDA company, they once were, again. Maybe the idea to have a nice Linux Kernel underneath the relatively good PalmOS UI (user interface) is the right way, who knows. Palm just needs to get their ass back on the ground and provide a modern PDA OS with important features like: real multi processing and threading or multi user security (also PalmOS is really not that bad in comparison with Symbian oder WinCE). I just say: do it Palm!

Monday, January 16 2006

BTClass 2006

so now, after playing with my T3, I found that I also need to update BTClass and here it is... btclass.zip

BlueSpam for 2006

so here is a new version of BlueSpam that works in 2006 and beyond. This time I really removed the time-bomb so it will never timeout again.

Updating this was a real pain this time. Since I don't do PalmOS stuff anymore (I prefer running Linux on my PDAs these days) I didn't have the SDK installed anymore (after buying a new laptop last year). Also just installing the complier is not enough you know. You need to download the PalmOS SDK from palmsource, find out that you need to get this one special header file not included in the main SDK. This one header file is only available from PalmONE's pluggedin developer portal. You're all ready pissed because you just wanted to re-compile this tiny application and now you have to download and install all the crap. Also pluggedin decided to revoke my developer account which I had for about 8 years (yes I'm doing PalmOS stuff since late 1997). So I created a new account... blablabla. Download the latest version of BlueSpam here.

I love my users!

Sunday, January 02 2005

New Year's version of GentleMan

I just got an email about GentleMan (my filemanger for PalmOS) timing out. So I quickly compiled and uploaded a new version without timeout, sorry for this! Actually I thought nobody is using GentleMan anymore because it is rather old. Also I don't think I will do any serious PalmOS coding in the near future, this included updates and bug fixes.

Happy new year everybody!