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Friday, March 31 2006

Do it Palm!

I just read this story on heise.de (in German) about Palm building its own Linux based OS now. Also don't confuse this with the plans of PalmSource which is already working on this for some time now (I can't really remember when this was first announced). The article further describes how PalmSource stopped doing the quite good PalmSource Developer Conference which I guess was one part of the whole Palm sucks now disaster. Anyway it seems like Palm tries to get away from PalmSource, which I think is a really good idea, since they really need to become the cool PDA company, they once were, again. Maybe the idea to have a nice Linux Kernel underneath the relatively good PalmOS UI (user interface) is the right way, who knows. Palm just needs to get their ass back on the ground and provide a modern PDA OS with important features like: real multi processing and threading or multi user security (also PalmOS is really not that bad in comparison with Symbian oder WinCE). I just say: do it Palm!