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Monday, May 26 2008

NFC Phone Tools

here are my NFC security tools this time for your Nokia 6131 NFC. The tool set consists out of: BtNfcAdapter (a simple NDEF reader/writer that is controllable via Bluetooth - basically turns your 6131 NFC into a lightweight tag reader/writer), BtNfcAdapterRaw (Mifare Classic raw reading version of BtNfcAdapter), and MfStt (the Mifare Sector Trailer tool, a very basic tag security checker).

All the tools are for educational purposes only! They are not stable! Especially take care when using the writing features of MfStt).

Feedback is welcome as always. I also accept dumps of cool NFC tags (only including a picture of that very tag).

Saturday, May 24 2008

Python NDEF Library

I just uploaded the first version of my Python NDEF library.The library supports all types standardized by the NFC-Forum until now. I also implemented support for Nokia's Bluetooth Imaging tag and added a parser for the RMV ConTag.

I also uploaded some tag samples (dumps of the tag data). The dumps also include the Mifare sector trailers (if this is of interest for you).

Feedback is very welcome!

Friday, May 23 2008


I'll be at ph-neutral this weekend ;-]

Slides for Attacking NFC Mobile Phones

here are the slides for my talk Attacking NFC Mobile Phones that I gave at EUSecWest2008. The tools, libraries, examples and data dumps will be uploaded soon.