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Tuesday, October 07 2014

New Webserver

I just moved all my domains to a new box. Hope everything is working ;-)

Friday, November 04 2011

Back to Work

so I'm finally back to work. I had to take care about a bunch of stuff, but thats done now! Sadly I had to turn down a few conferences invitations. Some of which I was looking forward to for some time already. That was kinda sad but I plan to fix that soon. Especially T2, damn!

Of course I will continue my Mobile Security News Update. Need to get back into the news circle :-)

I have a bunch of cool projects in the pipe so be prepared!

Tuesday, November 24 2009

Busy as hell!

I was busy as hell the last couple of weeks and therefore I missed updating my mobile security news as well as answering many emails. I'm slowly catching up so if you haven't heard from me in the last weeks please be patient or better write me again.

Monday, April 27 2009

PhD Student at TU-Berlin

starting May I'll be a PhD student at TU-Berlin / T-Labs. I'll be working in the area of Security in Telecommunications with Prof. Jean-Pierre Seifert. I'll basically do the research I've been doing already: I'll break smart phones and try to make them more secure in the process. Because of this I'll also move to Berlin shortly.

Wednesday, April 30 2008

Full Time Researcher

today is my last day at ARCHOS. Starting May 1st I'll be a full time researcher at Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT). There I'll be working in the area of secure mobile systems (who would have guessed :-).

Tuesday, September 26 2006

Delay for email reply ... sorry

the topic says it all, I have a huge email backlog because I currently focus my day around my real work instead of my hobby activities. All emails will be answered at some point. Sorry!

Thursday, August 31 2006


from tomorrow on (Sept. 1st) I will be working at Archos, the company builds various portable music and video players (like the PMA400). I'll be working on some of the Linux based devices and of course I'm going to make software not hardware :-)

Please note: I will not answer any questions regarding any of my employers products - so just don't ask!

To make things clear I also added a disclaimer. In short, this web blog expresses personal opinion.

Friday, June 30 2006


now that I graduated (with a MS in Computer Science) I'm now officially looking for a job. Also I graduated from UC Santa Barbara (USA), I'm looking for a job in Germany since I'm moving back there relatively soon.

I've added a very basic job description to my personal page, so if you're interested in hiring me check out the mini description. Of course I have a full resume/CV/Lebenslauf available upon request.

Thursday, April 06 2006

Closed for Thesis writing!

yep, weblog closed for Thesis writing. Will be back in May!


Friday, August 12 2005

Aaron Ardiri has a blog now!

Aaron a long time Palm-Coder-Friend of me and very well known person in the mobile gaming scene just started a blog today aka yesterday. Since he always gets the newest and coolest PDA and phone toys his blog should be quite interesting.

Check it out at: www.mobilewizardry.com/blog

Friday, October 22 2004

This is my weblog

here I will write about my various activities (coding, hacking, mobile stuff, ...)