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Monday, November 26 2007

CANCELED InfoPanel Talk @ 24c3

Due to some circumstances I canceled my talk at 24c3. I'll just not have the time to prepare the talk in December. I'm sorry! But I will attend 24c3 anyway.

Sunday, November 11 2007

Bluetooth tracking

Some guy in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) setup a multi-node Bluetooth tracker [1] around the city (in 4 locations for now). It looks kind of similar to what I did with the Bluetooth Location Tracker [2] a couple of years ago at the CCCamp. The interesting thing is that he puts the live data on the web including some cool statistics about the type, manufacturer and model of Bluetooth device.

Also this is a real cool project I have some problems with publishing the complete BD_ADDR (Bluetooth MAC addresses) with date time and position on the web.


Tuesday, November 06 2007

The Home InfoPanel @ 24C3

so it looks like I got the talk about my InfoPanel accepted at 24C3. Now I really need to get the project in a good shape. Don't get me wrong the InfoPanel works nicely and I already use it everyday but it still needs some important features I want to have.

One big part that will get really hard is the case for the panel. You don't want to see all the cables and stuff do you.

I'm really looking forward to tell people about this project and I hope it wont be too boring for the more experienced hackers (I would categorize it as a more entry level project).