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Monday, July 18 2011

Mobile Security News Update July 2011 part 2

Not much to tell in this update since I was kinda busy with non work stuff ;-)

    Chaos Communication Camp has a few mobile related talks: Applied Research on security of TETRA radio by Harald Welte, GPRS Intercept by Karsten Nohl, iOS application security by Ilja van Sprundel, Machine-to-machine (M2M) security by hunz, Open-source 4G radio by Alexander Chemeris, The blackbox in your phone (about SIM cards) by hunz and some more closely related talks. The camp talks look really good this year.

    Defcon Cellular Privacy: A Forensic Analysis of Android Network Traffic by Eric Fulton, Seven Ways to Hang Yourself with Google Android by Jacob West and Yekaterina Tsipenyuk ONeil.

    BruCon iOS Data Protection Internals (Andrey Belenko), Smart Phones - The Weak Link in the Security Chain (Nick Walker - tel0seh)


Monday, July 11 2011

Mobile Security News Update July 2011

ZIMTO (Zeus in the Mobile) hits Android. This was long overdue since Android now more or less is the strongest smartphone platform. See Axelle Apvrille blog post on Zimto for Android.

Android malware is really a rising trend (no secret there) but the malware gets more and more interesting. Mark Balanz discovered a malware that acts as an SMS relay. Such malware has interesting possibilities to say the least.

JailBreakMe 3.0 was released a couple of days ago, again a nice user-level jailbreak for all iOS devices ;-) There is a nice article from the people of the intrepidus group on how the jailbreak works. Reversing Jailbreakme.com 4.3.3.

Conferences are all covered as far as I know.

Tuesday, July 05 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I recently bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1. I mainly got it for reading and annotating PDFs and other electronic texts. For the same reason I once bought the first version iPad but quickly (after 1 week) sold it again since it was too much of Apple lock-in.

So far the Tab 10.1 looks pretty cool. It is light, has a nice screen, and the speakers are decent. It looks like one can more or less install any Android application from the Market. There are some exceptions such as Skype, Skype doesn't want to be installed on the Tab.

Browsing the web on the Tab 10.1 is quite fun. Like with the other Android devices Flash also works on the Tab.

All in all I think it was worth buying it, but lets see how long it takes until it will become a paperweight.