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Tuesday, November 09 2010

Mobile Security News Update November 2010

Kinda happy about my iBots paper, since I got two non-academic reviews about it. 1 and 2.

Conferences: It is fixed that I will go to DeepSec in late November. It's kind of a must since they have a strong mobile security program this year.

Unfortunately I missed hashdays in Lucerne. This seems to be a nice event and I'll try to go next year. This reminds me once again that we have many cool Cons here in Europe.

Bugs: once again Safari on the iPhone starts voice calls without user interaction this time powered by Skype. See here. Very similar to the bug I found last year. Nice catch.

In the news: Hackers take control of 1 million mobile phones apparently some trojan (user installed) sent out a lot of SMS spam.

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