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Sunday, November 28 2004

Buffer Overflow

I just started learning how to write exploits utilizing buffer overflows. It is a real fun thing to do and the best part of all: it is a part of a homework for university :-) Now I know why many people write exploits it is a nice way to get around a rainy weekend day.

Friday, November 12 2004

btfs 0.0.2

I just uploaded a updated version for btfs (Bluetooth FileSystemMapping). It now compiles with FUSE 1.9 and Kernel 2.6 ... ok it's a little late ... but nobody is using it anyway or at least nobody complained.

Fuck the FCC song

On the last chaosradio show (from German CCC) they played Eric Idle's The FCC Song. It's really funny and sadly true too. Check it out.

Sunday, November 07 2004

Palm Magazine

I'm currently home in Germany and found that I got another copy of the Japanese Palm Magazine again.

OK, so whats up with this Palm Magazine from Japan? The long story is ... several years ago (back when I really was active in the PalmOS developer community) Palm Magazine from Japan wanted to include one of my programs on the CD they ship with the magazine. So I asked for one (1) sample volume as a reference for myself. Since then I'm receiving free copies of Palm Magazine every now and then.

I really enjoy reading (or actually just looking at) Japanese magazines. I also have several Japanese MAC Life magazines and two PalmOS related books from Japan. Very nice ;-)
Palm Magazine

Wednesday, November 03 2004

iPod - don't steal music

all iPod owners already know this but I just bought an iPod (sadly not for myself) and found this nice wrapper around the iPod which says Don't steal music in several languages. Also I bought the device in th US it also had the text printed on it in German ;-)

Do they really think this helps? I don't think so!

Monday, November 01 2004

SUN Inside Jack

Inside Jack is a funny flash animation from SUN microsystems. Simon (got the link from him) says this is old, I like it so here is the link.