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Saturday, August 23 2008

FrOSCon 2008

today I visited FrOSCon for the first time. My impression is very mixed. The location is quite nice, the admission fee is low (5 Euros) and the talks are mixed.

I visited the OpenVZ talk which was OK but not great. The iPhone talk was garbage or worse. The guy didn't have a clue. He didn't talk about free/open software he did a 35 minute iPhone tour. I wished he would have covered the free SDK that exists since the first iPhone was released. ARG I'm pissed about this what a waste of time. The OpenMoko talk was interesting, I saw many talks about OpenMoko and the Neo device and every time they tell you a little more.

The actual reason for me going to FrOSCon was the keynote by Andrew Tannenbaum (the MINIX guy). His talk about MINIX 3 was interesting and funny.

All in all a nice day - also we only stayed until 4pm.

Monday, August 18 2008

Google Street View in Darmstadt (Germany)

I just saw a Google Street View car driving through Darmstadt passing me on the Rheinstrasse. Lets see when the pictures show up on Google.

Saturday, August 16 2008

Nokia 6131 NFC URI Spoofing and DoS Advisory

I finally came to post the official advisory Nokia 6131 NFC URI Spoofing and DoS Advisory to the usual mailing lists in order for this thing to get into the vulnerability archives.

Friday, August 08 2008

Slides for BlackHat/DefCon 2008

slides for for BlackHat and DefCon 2008 are already available online.

Get them here and here

Wednesday, August 06 2008

Ubuntu on the MSI Wind

Ubuntu 8.04.1 works just fine on the MSI Wind just make sure you really have 8.04.1 since 8.04 will not install due to module crash.

Stuff that worked out of the box for me: Audio, Ethernet, WebCam, Bluetooth, SD/MMC card slot.

Wireless LAN was the only thing that didn't work out of the box. After I installed the right driver for the Realtek Unknown 8199i (rev 22) it worked. The driver is auto loaded and the network manager can configure it for WPA-PSK and unencrypted (only modes I tested).

The driver is rtl8187se get it from here the current version seems to be from 07.16.2008, this works for me.

The whole wireless lan issue with the MSI Wind is kind of strange. The initial report said that the Wind will have an Atheros based wireless card. The Media Akoya Mini apparently has a RaLink wireless card. My MSI Wind has a Realtek card. Anyway it works so I don't care.

Tuesday, August 05 2008

Picked up my MSI Wind

I finally got my MSI Wind (one month after I ordered it). I bought the black version with a pre installed 2GB upgrade (yep I'm getting older). Right now I'm installing Ubuntu since there is no way I use WinXP (home).

First overall impression is good.

Sunday, August 03 2008

MRMCD111 Sep 5-7 in Darmstadt

I'm going to do a talk on my InfoPanel project.

Event website is at: MRMCD111