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Wednesday, April 13 2005


MobileBugtraq is a new bugtracking maillinglist dedicated to mobile device technology. The list is super new, so not many posts by now. I actually only saw two sofar and I couldn't find an archieve.

Anyway everybody who is into mobile and security (like myself) should check it out.

Wednesday, April 06 2005

The h6315 update

...it really helps. I have much better reception (more bars) and the battery seems to live longer (could be due to the fact that the device is not constantly trying to connect to a cell tower). Now a general OS upgrade would be nice, I know it's unlikely to become true.

Also the Linux port seems to make some progress, this would be the better solution anyway.

Monday, April 04 2005

Seizure tools

while doing some web research on PDA/phone security I found this company Paraben which sells special seizure equipment for PDAs and phones. They really sell a lot of crazy stuff. I especially like the StrongHold Tent (the image on the left).

Friday, April 01 2005

Finally a h6315 update!

Just got an SMS from T-Mobile which told me to get my update.
Get it TMO_SP29764_1_10_08.exe

I hope it's not a very bad April joke :-)

Switched to Windows

I finally decided to switch back to Windows on all my desktops and my server. The reason for this are the many recent articles about Linux being very insecure. I'm also sick of installing patches on the day a bug is found. It's so much nicer to just patch all my systems once a month. So come on everybody and switch back to Windows.