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Sunday, October 29 2006

New RSG Website

The Reliable Software Group (RSG) the lab I used to work for at UCSB finally put up the new website including all my Smart Phone Security research. I also put up my Master's Thesis titled Security of Smart Phones.

I also updated my Mobile Security Research website.

Thursday, October 26 2006

Maybe the Nokia 870?

I just found the Nokia 870 or actually a very promising looking device on Engadget. The device looks much like the 770 especially the screen size and the five way button on the top right - so it is not to far fetched to think of the 770 successor. The antenna also makes me believe that this device will be a phone: does this mean this is the first Linux-based Nokia phone (or did I miss anything)? Hopefully yes, I still can't wait to see a decent relatively open Linux-based mobile phone (so far every other Linux phone sucked). Hopefully the device runs maemo since it is by far the best small screen Linux GUI I have see so far. Maybe maybe Nokia brings the real breakthrough for Linux-based phones.

Let's wait and see.

Monday, October 16 2006

Advanced Attacks Against PocketPC Phones @ 23c3

I'm going to do my 0wnd by an MMS talk at 23c3. The talk is more or less a redo from defcon-14, but I will try to fix it up a little. This will be my first talk at a Chaos Communication Congress and I'm already looking forward to it.

Saturday, October 07 2006

OLSRd package for the Nokia 770

since I'm playing with OLSR I quickly built a package for my 770. In order to use it you need to be root and you need some basic knowledge about olsrd. The general steps are: edit /etc/olsrd.conf to fit your network, bring up interface and assign an IP address, configure the wireless part (essid, ad-hoc mode, and channel number), and finally start olsrd.

The package is available in my Maemo2 repository and on my Nokia 770 page.

Friday, October 06 2006

Freifunk at Darmstadt

This is only interesting for people who live in Darmstadt (Germany)

There is a new effort to build up a OLSR-based wireless mesh network in Darmstadt. The project has just started so there are no nodes active yet, we are basically in the early planning phase and mainly build a list of potential node locations. The project coordination currently takes place on the CCC-Darmstadt mailinglist (subscribe via: darmstadt-subscribe [AT] lists.metarheinmain.de). Of course we are planning to use the excellent Freifunk firmware (actually I already have a test node up and running on my brand new Buffalo WHR-HP-G54).

Everybody is welcome to join.