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Saturday, October 23 2004

Mac OS X Panther Hacks

a while ago I found this sample chapter from Mac OS X Panther Hacks which contains a reference to some of my Bluetooth stuff. Today I actually went to a book store to check if the reference is really in the book. Yes it is *G*

Computer/Hacker/Geek movies

Just found a nice archive for all sorts of computer/hacker/geek movies and documentaries at ThinkNerd.

Also check out my Computer/Hacker movie review site and my very small Computer/Hacker book review site.

Friday, October 22 2004


Hack A Day a new hack every day

iPAQ h6315

As I wrote in The perfect PDAsmartPHONE I bought a iPAQ h6315. This device is really great even it runs Pocket PC. Also the battery is not as bad as many websites report. I do use the wireless (802.11) often but it does not seam to eat the battery too quick. I now really enjoy VoIP with SIP and SJphone.

Also I want to mention the effort to port Linux to the h63xx has started at handhelds.org.

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