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Monday, January 16 2006

BlueSpam for 2006

so here is a new version of BlueSpam that works in 2006 and beyond. This time I really removed the time-bomb so it will never timeout again.

Updating this was a real pain this time. Since I don't do PalmOS stuff anymore (I prefer running Linux on my PDAs these days) I didn't have the SDK installed anymore (after buying a new laptop last year). Also just installing the complier is not enough you know. You need to download the PalmOS SDK from palmsource, find out that you need to get this one special header file not included in the main SDK. This one header file is only available from PalmONE's pluggedin developer portal. You're all ready pissed because you just wanted to re-compile this tiny application and now you have to download and install all the crap. Also pluggedin decided to revoke my developer account which I had for about 8 years (yes I'm doing PalmOS stuff since late 1997). So I created a new account... blablabla. Download the latest version of BlueSpam here.

I love my users!


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