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Thursday, June 28 2007

OpenMoko Developer Phase 1 starts July 9th

Today Sean Moss-Pultz announced the launch date July 9th for the Neo1973/OpenMoko. This will be better then the iPhone!

Wednesday, June 27 2007

The iPhone is a good PDA and a bad phone

reading reviews linked from OSNews I get the impression that the iPhone is a OK or maybe a good PDA and a bad phone. Also calling it a smartphone is just exaggeration, you can't install 3rd party software so it is not a smartphone, period! Web widgets don't count. EDGE is just a joke - the reviewers basically say that web and email is unusable using EDGE.

Comparing the iPhone UI to WindowsMobile is a really cheap move since the WindowsMobile UI always sucked.

Apple claims to have the best smartphone that is currently available but the iPhone lacks very basic features found in other top devices like: an expansion card slot (e.g. SD/MMC) and GPS receiver.

iPhone I DON'T want one!

Friday, June 15 2007

The Chumby

I found Chumby on LinuxDevices early this evening and just couldn't get it out of my head. The Chumby is an alarm clock sized data display device in a funny looking casing. The Chumby basically is a small ARM-based computer equipped with a QVGA display and a two USB ports; the software is Linux. From what I understand from the Chumby website the device is designed to display/run Flash applets (widgets).

The point of this device really seems to have some kind of pimped alarm clock - which I think is quite cool! It is kind of strange to find Chumby right now since I was just planning to build something similar. I want to have something to stick to the wall to just display some text an images. My plan was to use an old Palm and a F*nera access point but maybe I just wait for the Chumby to become available also I kind of hate Flash.

Anyway I kind of like the idea of Chumby, especially the part of being totally hackable.

Thursday, June 14 2007

Archos GEN5

check out the new Archos GEN5 devices which were released today. There are many new cool features like UPnP (which lets you stream Audio and Video) and Flash (to play YouTube and such).