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Thursday, November 10 2005

WiFi SIP phones

while reading digg this morning I found this new Linksys WiFi SIP phone WIP300 at linksysinfo.org. Unfortunately the device it not yet available. Anyway the more interesting part is that there are way more WiFi SIP phones then I thought, check out this link.

But WTF? it seems that only two of these phones support 802.1x aka. WPA (also the WIP300 doesn't seem to support it). This is so ridiculous. Not that many people use WEP or WPA to secure their network anyway but for those who have a little more insight the lack of WPA will keep them form using this stuff.

Maybe they all support SIP end-to-end authentication+encryption :-)

I guess I will stick with my PDA SIP (h6315+SJphone) solution for a while.