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Saturday, March 15 2008

Pre Paid HSDPA

I noticed that I tend to use mobile internet via GPRS/UMTS more and more mostly because of my Nokia N800 and now N810. But somehow UMTS no longer does it for me, it is too slow. So I started looking for a cheap way to use HSDPA. The solution is a cheap HSDPA USB modem and a pre paid HSDPA SIM card. Last week I found a nice Huawei E220 on eBay and today I bought a FONIC SIM card for 9,99 Euros at Lidl. The price looks good 1MB/24ct. I know that if I use more then 100MB/25Euro per month a flat rate is better.

I just tried it out and yes I got 120KB/s (just a quick download).

Now I just need to build or get one of those USB power injectors so I can also use the HSDPA modem with my N810.

Friday, October 06 2006

Freifunk at Darmstadt

This is only interesting for people who live in Darmstadt (Germany)

There is a new effort to build up a OLSR-based wireless mesh network in Darmstadt. The project has just started so there are no nodes active yet, we are basically in the early planning phase and mainly build a list of potential node locations. The project coordination currently takes place on the CCC-Darmstadt mailinglist (subscribe via: darmstadt-subscribe [AT] lists.metarheinmain.de). Of course we are planning to use the excellent Freifunk firmware (actually I already have a test node up and running on my brand new Buffalo WHR-HP-G54).

Everybody is welcome to join.

Thursday, November 10 2005

WiFi SIP phones

while reading digg this morning I found this new Linksys WiFi SIP phone WIP300 at linksysinfo.org. Unfortunately the device it not yet available. Anyway the more interesting part is that there are way more WiFi SIP phones then I thought, check out this link.

But WTF? it seems that only two of these phones support 802.1x aka. WPA (also the WIP300 doesn't seem to support it). This is so ridiculous. Not that many people use WEP or WPA to secure their network anyway but for those who have a little more insight the lack of WPA will keep them form using this stuff.

Maybe they all support SIP end-to-end authentication+encryption :-)

I guess I will stick with my PDA SIP (h6315+SJphone) solution for a while.