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Wednesday, January 12 2011

My public research TAC Database

I've decided to setup a TAC (Type Allocation Code) database for research purposes. I do this because there is no such thing right now. Every TAC database I know is not public and just allows queries instead of just downloading the whole thing to use it with your own software.

My database is available here: www.mulliner.org/tacdb. The database is just a collection of CSV files, to make it really easy to use. Further the database relys on YOUR contribution, so please consider sending new entries.

Right now the database has about ~27K entries. But most of them only contain the TAC, Manufacturer, and the Model name. What I would like to have in addition is the Type of hardware (smartphone,mobile phone, modem, devices, ...), the OS, and the manufacturing date.

I hope this thing enables some new features in projects like osmocom. It will defently help my own research.