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Saturday, April 18 2009

Android Rant!

so I've been using my Android phone (ADP1) as my primary phone for a week now here some things I have noticed.

    Keyboard is really good for writing emails (the current version of K-9 is actually usable)
    IM always on, works really nice, this is what I want.
    Maps is not as good as on the iPhone.
    Headset is to big and ugly, sometimes function is not everything.
    Can't use headset while charging (e.g. while you sit on the train).
Stuff that needs to change or need to exist (also 3rd party stuff)
    Headset use while charging!
    Headset that has a smaller mic and button (like the one from the iPhone) or headset adapter for the iPhone headset (mic and button need to work!).
    K-9 mail should not download the attachments by default.
I want sync without Google or any 3rd party. I know about Funambol, does it work well? I want to import vCards/.vcf files, I have tried ImportContacts but it couldn't import my test contact.

So far I don't really miss my iPhone but rather have cool new features that I didn't have with the iPhone.


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