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Monday, August 13 2007

CCCamp 2007 Review

first of all I had a really great time at the camp so great that I kind of forgot to blog about it. There were some other reasons too like: too much sun/rain and no stable Internet connection (local network was working fine). As usual I meet many friends I only see at these kind of events and of course I meet many new interesting people. For example John Gilmore was camping right next too us.

There were so many cool things going on at the camp. The nights were especially cool since there were hundreds of light installations. Like three really bright sky roses and one quite powerful green laser. There were several disco balls mounted in cool places like trees that created a real good effect. One really cool thing was that the reflection of one of the disco balls were visible on the low hanging clouds - just awesome.

People from various projects I follow online were at the camp so I could take a look at new hardware like the OLPC.
    The one OLPC I spent some time with seemed to be a newer revision then the one I played with at that last CCC Congress. The rubber keyboard was way more usable from what I remembered. Also the device itself seemed to be of better quality. Seems the project is getting along :-)
    I also spent some time at the OpenMoko tent, were Harald was taking his vacation. Anyway I had the chance to look at a disassembled version of the Neo1973 and talk to the developers for a bit. I found that they had again updated the GUI of the device, but it is far from being complete/usable.
    Watching these things fly is just pure fun. I would like to build one my self but I think this would take up all of my spare time (so I wont do it).

Other cool stuff from the camp: Cracking A5/1 (yes the GSM crypto) the talk was really cool; then there were some talks about/using GNU Radio (also used to attack A5/1) which were quite interesting; and last but not least there was David Chaum's idea for a voting system a system that should work on- and off-line and gives you secrecy and a way to check that your vote was counted.

Now I will sort my photos and post some of them online.