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Tuesday, August 24 2010

Mobile Security News August 2010 Part 2

At T2 Nils talks about some WebOS and Android vulns this should be quite interesting since he likely will cover the bugs he recently found. T2 is really one of the European cons I want to go to, very high priority! Especially since I can't go to SEC-T this year. hacking the RKF ticket system and How to stay invisible (while still using cellphones) sounds quite interesting.

The BruCON schedule looks quite interesting. GSM Security: Fact and Fiction NFC Malicious Content sharing, the abstract sounds like something I've done some years ago - I wonder what kind of new stuff they found. The Monkey Steals the Berries: The State of Mobile Security So BruCON actually looks quite good, another CON I need to go to at some point.

At SecTor there seems to be a single mobile talk: Black Berry Security FUD Free.

Thats it for August as far as I can see.

Update: I totallty forgot DeepSec. This year it seems like a mobile only security conference. Talks are: Pentesting Internet Handheld Devices Debugging GSM Targeted DOS Attack and various fun with GSM Um Mobile VoIP Steganography: From Framework to Implementation Mobile privacy: Tor on the iPhone and other unusual devices OsmocomBB: A tool for GSM protocol level security analysis of GSM networks Malicious applications for Smartphones All your baseband are belong to us Android: Reverse Engineering and Forensics LTE Radio Interface structure and its security mechanism


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