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Tuesday, January 25 2005


so today is update day (not to confuse with patch day!). So I updated (bug-fixed) btfs my Bluetooth/OBEX file system. Somehow it was broken on 2.6.X, now it works! Also I removed/reseted the beta timeout of BlueSpam and BTClass. Also I removed some features (or disabilities) from BlueSpam (the Nokia device filter and the bluetooth device class filter). Have fun!

Friday, January 21 2005

BT250 and Linux part 2

so I just tryed Skype with my Bluetooth headset and it just works! Just need to select /dev/dsp1 as audio device.

the BT250 and Linux

so I just got my Jabra BT250 (Bluetooth headset). I must say this is a great device and works really nice with Linux (BlueZ). First thing after playing some stupid wav files on it was to point XMMS to it ... works like a charm ;-) Also the range at which this device can receive seems pretty huge.

And yes it also works nicely with my iPAQ h6315.

Last test to still to be done is to get one of the many VoIP applications to run with this (e.g. Skype).

One last thing ... turn your PC into a Bluetooth bullhorn using:
    arecord -B 1000000 -D plughw:Headset - | aplay

Wednesday, January 19 2005

More btChat!

btChat just became part of a university project of me. Therefor you can hope for some nice new features. Also a MacOS port should come out of this :-)

Sunday, January 09 2005

WebCams found by Google

as everybody should have read within the last days someone did a nice Google hack to find webcams on the net. While searching on how to find these webcams I found nice link to a web page that shows more then 20 of these. Also one from Santa Barbara :)

Sunday, January 02 2005

What the Hack?

WHAT THE HACK? : The 2005 hacker summer event! But WTF? The event is July 28-31 that is exactly parallel to Defcon :-(

New Year's version of GentleMan

I just got an email about GentleMan (my filemanger for PalmOS) timing out. So I quickly compiled and uploaded a new version without timeout, sorry for this! Actually I thought nobody is using GentleMan anymore because it is rather old. Also I don't think I will do any serious PalmOS coding in the near future, this included updates and bug fixes.

Happy new year everybody!