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Friday, September 30 2005

h63xx I finally got started with it

so I finally booted Linux on my h6315 and it works. The only disappointment is that I bought the wrong MMC card (MMC v4) which is not yet supported (I somehow got the card recognized but only the partition table can be read - after that it hangs). I still have the NFS option for getting my rootfs mounted but somehow I don't like this. Anyway the guys on #h63xx-port told me today that Bluetooth is working and WiFi is almost working.

Maybe I just have to buy another MMC card :-(

Tuesday, September 13 2005

sobexsrv - or the scripting OBEX server

is a Linux OBEX server with support for OPUSH put/get and OBEXFTP. The server is currently Bluetooth only and build ontop of openobex and BlueZ (of course).

The server handles only the basic OBEX operations and calls an external executable for all the application-logic (like OBEXFTP). The basic script included in the package can do OPUSH put/get and OBEXFTP.

I started this project some years ago (I wrote the first ten lines something like 2 years ago) and I finished it now within 2 weeks while traveling by train on the weekends :)

The code is in early development so watch out for bugs!

Download it here sobexsrv-0.1.tar.gz

Wednesday, September 07 2005

ipaq h6315 Linux

gpe info screen finally the h6315 (actually only the european version the h6340 is tested) boots Linux (well it did a while ago but now the display and touch screen works). There is a test image with GPE available for people to try it out. Also right now you need a 256mb MMC card for the filesystem since reflashing is not supported yet. Also WiFi, Bluetooth etc. doesn't work yet but this should be a matter of time now the whole thing runs.

URLs are:
boot howto
gpe-image (read howto)

Now I need to get a big MMC card ASAP to do some testing/development of my own, originally I wanted to help with the h63xx-port but lack of time and in depth porting knowledge I didn't do much then pocking around the kernel sources.

Wohooo lets see how fast we get GSM working!

mrmcd11b pictures

here www.not-another-server.net/~jtb/gallery/mrmcd11b are some pictures from the mrmcd11b. Also see

hdaps - Hard Disk Active Protection System

is a feature of the newer ThinkPads, I don't know if this is a T series only feature. This thing is featured in some of the ThinkPad ads on TV - the one where one guy drops the ThinkPad of his co-worker and don't loose any data because of this thing - a silly ad. Anyway this feature is software based and therefore you need a driver - which is available for Linux since mid 2005 (if I read the website correctly). The hdaps hardware is basically just a tilt and motion sensor, where a piece of software needs to monitor the sensor and park the disk if anything strange is detected.

The Linux hdaps driver of course can do much more then motion/tilt detection. It has a build in mouse device so you can abuse the sensor for stuff like playing pinball :-) and there are other fun applications for testing the sensor.

Anyway I started writing a Gkrellm plugin for it which works quite good. But from time to time I get a Kernel ups in the ibm_acpi module (which works find without hdaps), so I decided to not use hdaps for now. But I really like this thing and I look forward to get a ibm_acpi compatible version (if this is the real problem). Any one who ones a ThinkPad should check this out.

Monday, September 05 2005


last Friday I attended the mrmcd11b (metarheinmain chaosdays) a event by the CCC groups from the Rhein-Main area (Germany). This time the event was organized by the group of Darmstadt. Also the event was the complete weekend I could only attend on Friday (the setup day).

There were lectures and workshops on all three days. On Saturday there also was a CTF called da.op3n. And the people of EventPhone supplied DECT/GAP phone connectivity.

The only thing I really noticed (on Friday!) was that the wireless network infrastructure was ONLY done with OLSR (a ad-hoc/mesh routing protocol). This was chosen to play and introduce ad-hoc/mesh routing to a bigger audience also normally wireless (802.11) doesn't work at chaos events because all the geeks just overload the accesspoints. I think this was a really good idea.

Anyway I wish I had the time to attend all three days :(