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Tuesday, December 20 2011

Mobile Security News Update December 2011 part 2

There was an awesome SMS bug in Windows Phone 7. This is exactly the bug class I have been looking into in the last two years. Too bad that I didn't have the time to look into Windows Phone 7.

Corrections to a news article about my research. NFC mobile threats on the horizon: What happens when we wave our wallets to pay? The article says ...malicious code could be 'injected' into the device.... I want to say that I never claimed I can do code injection through NFC. They probably misunderstood me when I said that this could be possible in the future.

It is really great to see how NFC security research is taking of this year. If I remember back to early 2008 when I did my research everybody was kinda laughing.

In other news mobile (in)security is further on the rise. So we all never loose our jobs!

Thursday, December 01 2011

Mobile Security News Update December 2011

Android root exploit for 2.3.5 and older by the Jons levitator.c

I don't get this whole Carrier IQ thing 1 2.

The people from the Intrepidus Group seem to really get into RFID and NFC. They just posted an article about using a USRP for NFC. Hopefully they release their code after they are done with their research.

In other news: I wont attend the CCC / 28c3 this year due to multiple reasons. I will stick around for the other events outside the congress. So ping we if you want to chat and/or have beers.