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Friday, November 28 2008

My first MacBook

so I got an Apple MacBook which is my first Apple computer (besides the iPhone 3G which I bought 2 month ago). I got it as my main computer for work so I guess I will get used to it quite fast. I primarily got it to get to know Mac OS X and to do some funky programming for the iPhone. The hardware is awesome fast processors (I got the 2.4Ghz version) and lots of RAM (got 4Gigs). The glass touchpad is quite nice (also I often use two finger to move the mouse - which of course doesn't work). The aluminum case looks great still I would have gotten the black version if it would exist.

So far the software is ok, I still have trouble finding/using stuff but this should be normal after only 3 days with a new OS. The thing that annoys me the most at the moment is the window handling. Apple+Tab just switches between applications and not windows. Some windows don't even appear in the list (e.g. the email that is currently being edited). I hope this can be solved through configuration.

I really miss APT-GET based software installation, but I guess this is the price of using a commercial OS. At least it is a un*x of some sort.

More Apple tails in the near future...