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Thursday, January 31 2013

Mobile Security News Update February 2013

    CanSecWest coming up in March has started posting talks: Doug DePerry @dugdep & Tom Ritter @TomRittervg - CDMA Femptocell Traffic Interception and Remote Mobile Phone Cloning, Rahul Sasi @fb1h2s - SMS to Meterpreter, Fuzzing USB Modems, Stephan Esser @i0n1c will be talking about iOS, Joshua J. Drake @jduck1337i - Tackling the Android Challenge. In addition to mobile security there is another super interesting talk about embedded system security: @beist will be talking about Samsung SmartTVs.

    SyScan Singapore is coming up in April and also posted talks. There are not too many mobile talks but all talks sound pretty good. Stefan Esser ( @i0n1c ) - Mountain Lion / iOS Vulnerability Garage Sale. I will also show some stuff I've been working on in the past month during a lightning talk, all brand new!

    SourceBoston also in April: Protecting sensitive information on iOS devices David Schuetz, Attacking NFC Mobile Wallets: Where Trust Breaks Down Max Sobell.

    Infiltrate Matias Soler - The Chameleon: A cellphone-based USB impersonator, Stephen Lawler & Stephen Ridley - Advanced Exploitation of Mobile/Embedded Devices: The ARM Microprocessor.


Personal notes: I'm going to be in San Francisco during RSA, ping me if you want to chat. I'm also going to be at CanSecWest, just attending this year. Further I'm going to SyScan. I also plan to be around SourceBoston but unfortunately not attending (ticket prices vs. university etc, I'm not complaining).

Friday, January 04 2013

Mobile Security News Update January 2013

    Shmoocon 2013 has posted their schedule. Mobile talks are: Armor for your Android Apps by Roman Faynberg, Protecting Sensitive Information on iOS Devices by David Schuetz, Apple iOS Certificate Tomfoolery by Tim Medin.
All other upcoming conferences (SyScan, CanSecWest, SourceBoston, Infiltrate) haven't posted any talks yet.

My 29c3 conference review. The new location CCH in Hamburg is really nice. There is a lot of space and the space was used very well. Due to the space the conference was much more relaxed. This also counted for the talks. Most of the time everybody had a place to sit. One small downside of this years conference the schedule, sometimes three tech talks were running in parallel in different rooms. But all together I don't think anybody could complain about 29c3. For me personally one of the best congresses I ever attended. The recordings of the talks can be downloaded from here.

Happy New Year.