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Thursday, November 19 2015

Mobile Security News Update November 2015

    upcoming: 32C3 (December), ShmooCon (January)

$10 Android Phone Walmart has a $10 Android phone. It is an LG device with Android 4.4 specs. I agree with Patrick McCanna on Smartphones @ featurephone prices will be a significant milestone towards monetizing mobile hacking. These prices really mean everybody is going to have a smartphone. Like everybody. I ordered two of those to play with.

Mobile pwn2own: two interesting results. (1) baseband of a Samsung S6 Edge, the payload was able to redirect incoming calls. This was done by my buddies Nico Golde and Daniel Komaromy. Here a picture of their setup. Story by various sites: 1, 2 (German), 3. (2) drive by APK install on Nexus 6 without user interaction by Guang Gong. tweets: 1 2 (with picture).

LTE Security: pretty interesting talk and paper about LTE design and implementation vulnerabilities. slides white paper. Blogpost by the same people: Practical attacks against 4G (LTE) access network protocols. One thing I didn't notice is how cheap LTE research is already. Their setup is just over $1000, which seems rather cheap for LTE.