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Thursday, June 11 2009

Antennas in NFC Phones

Gerald Madlmayr's Forum Nokia Blog NFC Phones - Open up! or Where to put the Antenna in an NFC Phone..

Yes, the antenna of the Nokia 6212 classic really sucks. It is almost impossible to read small RFID tags with this phone.

Nicely done, Gerald!

Wednesday, December 24 2008

eCL0WN by Jeroen van Beek

at Black Hat Japan I told Jeroen about NFC mobile phones at that you can use those as a normal RFID reader/writer and that we/he should make a passport reading tool. It seems that he got to work and made a really cool passport cloning tool that runs on Nokia's NFC phones. Nice work Jeroen!!

The tool and some nice screen shots are available at his website: dexlab.nl

Thursday, June 05 2008

NFC Attacks are proof of success for NFC technology :-)

I just received an email with a free sample of Smart Insights (some smart card news letter) with a story on my attacks on nfc phones. The funny part is a small box (only in the PDF version) next to the article stating Attacks are proof of success for NFC technology. This is hilarious! Please send me more stuff like this :-)

Wednesday, June 04 2008

Feedback for my NFC Attack slides

Over the last week several articles have discussed my presentation on NFC attacks. These four are quite good, have fun.

Hackers start poking holes in NFC The Register


Zero Day blog ZDNet Attacks on NFC mobile phones demonstrated

Digital Identity Forum: NFC, privacy and identity infrastructure a blog post.

Monday, June 02 2008

Deutsche Bahn NFC - Touch and Travel

on my way home from ph-neutral I had the chance to take a brief look at the Touch-and-Travel NFC tags. Using my BtNfcAdapter on my Nokia 6131 NFC I took a copy of the tag data home with me, you can get it here (you need bahn.py to read it).

It turns out that the tag actually doesn't contain any data besides showing a custom type record. TNF: 4 and Type: db.de:tandt. It only took me a couple of seconds :-) to realize that the custom type is only used to launch the touch-and-travel application on the phone. The touch-and-travel tags are NOT just simple Mifare Classic tags but some other ISO14443 card so I guess there is more data stored on the card and you just need to know how to read it :-)

I'm really looking forward to the day this system is being opened to the public. Until then this is as good as it gets.

Touch blog about Touch-and-Travel

Fotos of NFC Tags

some fotos of NFC tags I made. Also check the fotos made by geri-m.