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Monday, October 31 2005

MUlliNER.ORG now with IPv6

since now mulliner.org is reachable via IPv6. Many thanks to Patrick for compiling Apache2 for me! Everything should work just fine, if not just contact me.

You will notice the difference on the main page and ? Search and leave a comment :-)

Friday, October 28 2005

SOBEXSRV updated

I updated sobexsrv my scripting obex server for Linux, its now in version 0.1.2. The new stuff is: support for directories, file and directory deletion and logging (e.g. transfer log). Of course there were numerous bugs which got fixed (since I really use it myself I found like 10 bugs just while trying to use it on my lab box).

Download it here: sobexsrv-0.1.2.tar.gz

The next version will support multiple parallel clients among some other nice features.

Friday, October 21 2005


just was reading Harald's weblog where he writes that there was so much feedback on his A780 hacking and that people are all over it. Some how people seem to want to be able to have a fully controllable mobile phone running software they can change them self. I myself wanted to have this forever so I started working on the Linux port for the HP iPAQ h63xx which by the way makes some progress. The phone is still not usable (which is more of an audio driver issue then a GSM issue) but this should be fixed soon. Also there are other projects (like the HTC BlueAngel Linux port) which all ready support making phone calls. They even have a nice looking phone GUI!

Anyway I think phones running Linux will be one big thing in the future (or at least in the future of hardware hacking, like the Linksys WRT).

Also I started putting to gether a OpenPhone website some weeks ago... but this is work in progress!

Saturday, October 08 2005

the BlueSpam FAQ

due to high demand and a lot of emails I wrote this small FAQ on Bluetooth Spam (BlueSpam)

Hopefully I get less mail now about this kind of stuff :-)

Thursday, October 06 2005


is a serial multiplexer for wavecom modems

from the readme:
    wavecom modes have a multiplexing mode to send two streams over one serial line, one stream for commands (AT) and one for data (GPRS) the multiplexer will spawn two sockets one for each stream, the data socket will be dead until a GPRS connection is initiated

    command socket is: /var/run/wavecom_mplex_cmd

    data socket is: /var/run/wavecom_mplex_data

    this is part of the h63xx port Linux port!
download: mplexd-0.1.tar.gz

see MINICOM for howto use minicom with mplexd, GPRS has not been tested sofar (lame, I know)

for more infos see: www.handhelds.org/moin/moin.cgi/HpIpaqH6315

Monday, October 03 2005

h63xx Linux - GSM

so today I spent my time getting GSM to work it turned out to be somehow simpler then we thought. The serial line just needs to be set to the right speed then the GSM module nicely responds and one can initiate calls and receive calls - the only bummer is no audio yet :-((

see h63xx Linux Wiki for progress

Saturday, October 01 2005

more h63xx Linux

hciconfig so today I merged Bluetooth to my 2.6.13-omap1 kernel tree and did some testing, works fine. I also played with BNEP (Bluetooth ethernet encapsulation) and it works too, so now we have wireless :) My MMC card still doesn't work even with the latest driver from GIT but I recognized that NFS is much nicer for development anyway.

More to come...