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Friday, March 25 2005


I just hacked together a bunch of GKrellM plugins to display data gathered from the ibm-acpi driver. Data displayed is CPU, GPU, HDD, Mini-PCI, Battery temperature and the fan speed. Every value has it's own plugin, the display is very simple with no config. options.

Download it here: gkibm-acpi-0.1.tar.gz

Many thanks to Brad Davis for gkfreq, my code is totaly based on his plugin!

Wednesday, March 16 2005

The Bluetooth StarTrek Communicator

so I finally found some time to write down yet another idea on how to abuse Bluetooth. The idea is fairly simple. Build a system thru which you can use your Bluetooth headset to talk to other people with just the push of a button. BEEP ... Ricker to Pickard

I know you can already do something like this using a WiFi-PDA and VoIP/SIP. The goal here is not having to carry a extra piece of hardware and the ability to do true voice dialing.

Tuesday, March 15 2005

Bluetooth Sniper Rifle

John Hering shows you how to build a BlueSniper Rifle. I actually would build one but I don't think its a good idea to point something that looks like a gun at other people since it could easily end in some police action. Which would be very uncool.

Wednesday, March 09 2005


finally you can download Minimo the Mozilla port for PocketPC (WinCE), I can't wait to try it.