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Tuesday, May 02 2006

Famous Internet people

Pictures (some are really funny and old) of famous Internet and computing people.


Saturday, January 21 2006

Geek Movies

I just found this list of 50 geek/computer movies (in German) on digg.de. IMHO this list is not too good. It contains stuff like The Firm or You've got Mail but misses good stuff like Dark Star. Anyway my own list is here, also this is rather a review site then a complete list.

Any other good lists or review sites?

Tuesday, December 06 2005


BlueRoots.org your Bluetooth bumper sticker ... what a silly but creative idea

Monday, November 14 2005

The Linux Phone Standards Forum

lipsforum.org sounds interesting to me!

More Linux cellphones, soon?

Thursday, May 19 2005

A SD card slot for your WRT54g

Just found this Tutorial: Adding an SD card reader to your Linksys WRT54G through Hack a day. This ist just so cool! This is a real nice hack!

Monday, May 16 2005

The Evolution of the PDA

this www.snarc.net/pda/pda-treatise.htm is a nice read for everybody who is into PDAs.

Tuesday, March 15 2005

Bluetooth Sniper Rifle

John Hering shows you how to build a BlueSniper Rifle. I actually would build one but I don't think its a good idea to point something that looks like a gun at other people since it could easily end in some police action. Which would be very uncool.

Wednesday, March 09 2005


finally you can download Minimo the Mozilla port for PocketPC (WinCE), I can't wait to try it.

Thursday, February 03 2005


at USBGEEK you can get everything with a USB connector, check it out!

Sunday, January 09 2005

WebCams found by Google

as everybody should have read within the last days someone did a nice Google hack to find webcams on the net. While searching on how to find these webcams I found nice link to a web page that shows more then 20 of these. Also one from Santa Barbara :)

Sunday, January 02 2005

What the Hack?

WHAT THE HACK? : The 2005 hacker summer event! But WTF? The event is July 28-31 that is exactly parallel to Defcon :-(

Saturday, October 23 2004

Computer/Hacker/Geek movies

Just found a nice archive for all sorts of computer/hacker/geek movies and documentaries at ThinkNerd.

Also check out my Computer/Hacker movie review site and my very small Computer/Hacker book review site.

Friday, October 22 2004


Hack A Day a new hack every day