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Thursday, December 30 2004

The Computer History Museum

Shortly before Christmas I visited the Computer History Museum in MaintainView California (USA). It is really cool. They have the first Apple with the casing made out of wood, the first Cray and many other cool things. Also I can't post pictures (they ask you to not do this). The museum is completely free so go there and see for your self and buy a t-shirt like I did.
at the entrance

Monday, December 27 2004


today (at/for 21C3) Martin and I released our Bluetooth fingerprinting tool BluePrint.

It is a really nice and simple Perl script and just reads the output of sdptool (BlueZ). Please also check the Bluetooth Device Security Database.

Wednesday, December 15 2004

Changing the Bluetooth device class of the h6315

I just played with my h6315's registry (using PHM Registry Editor) and found this MinorClass key (in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\BtConfig\General) which lets you (only!) change the MinorDeviceClass of your iPAQ. Now I have to find out how to change the MajorClass and the ServiceClass to build something like BtClass. I tried to add several keys like MajorClass or ServiceClass but non did work.

I will keep on working on this.

btChat and GAIM 1.1 ready!

I just uploaded the new version of btChat. No new features, sorry! But I released a binary version of the btchat plugin for GAIM (>= 1.1.0), this means you don't need to compile GAIM by yourself anymore. This was possible thru a change in GAIM itself, thanks! I hope a few more people will try out btChat now since they don't have to ugly compile GAIM.

Thursday, December 09 2004

btChat with Gaim 1.1

I just started porting my btChat plugin to Gaim 1.1 also I will update the btChat daemon to compile with the current bluetooth (Bluez) library version. Lets see when it is ready...