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Wednesday, May 08 2013

Countering SMS/mTAN Trojans

Together with my former colleagues Ravi, Patrick, Jean-Pierre from TU Berlin / SecT I have been working on an enhancement for mobile phones in order to protect SMS messages especially mTANs against trojans.

We investigated several ways to improve mTAN security and finally came to the conclusion that we just need to change the SMS routing on the mobile phone itself.

Basically we remove SMS messages that contain mTANs from the normal delivery queue and only deliver them to a special application. This way no other program (including trojans) can access the SMS message.

We implemented and tested our idea on Android. The paper SMS-based One-Time Passwords: Attacks and Defense will be presented at DIMVA 2013 in July in Berlin, Germany.

A demo video of the prototype is shown below:

Tuesday, May 07 2013

Mobile Security News Update May 2013

    NoSuchCon finally released their agenda.They have an interesting lineup but no mobile talk.

    SourceDublin Android application reverse engineering & defensesi by Patrick Schulz & Felix Matenaar.

    SummerCon has posted it's schedule. I'll present some work I've done on Dynamic Dalvik Instrumentation.

    REcon has stared to post talks. Reversing HLR, HSS and SPR: rooting the heart of the Network and Mobile cores from Huawei to Ericsson by Philippe Langlois. Reversing and Auditing Android's Proprietary Bits by Joshua J. Drake.

    Shakacon Deviant Ollam - Android Phones Can Do That?!? Custom Tweaking for Power Security Users. Max Sobell - Android 4.0: Ice Cream "Sudo Make Me a" Sandwich. Andreas Kutz - Pentesting iOS Apps - Runtime Analysis & Manipulation.

Some interesting upcoming talks! I guess everybody else an their moms are waiting to hear back from the Black Hat USA CfP.

SyScan'13 review
    SyScan was a totally awesome event. Really good talks and lots of them. My favorite talk was: Bochspwn: Exploiting Kernel Race Conditions Found via Memory Access Patterns by Mateusz Jurczyk and Gynvael Coldwind.