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Tuesday, February 23 2010

Mobile Security News February 2010 Part 2

Just links...

Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to End Users Grew 8 Per Cent in Fourth Quarter 2009; Market Remained Flat in 2009 so you know what OS/platform you want to PWN this year :-)

NeoPwn = BackTrack Mobile NeoPwn Merges with BackTrack. Produces BT Mobile for #N900 it seems that WiFi driver for the nokia N900 (wl1251) was patched for RFMON and injection.

Android link collection mostly OS and security stuff

...thats it!

Wednesday, February 17 2010

CanSecWest 2010

Yea I will be going to CanSecWest for the first time this year. I'll have a talk on my favorite subject: Mobile Phone Security (Random tales from a mobile phone hacker). I'm really looking forward to this!

Second, there will be a mobile phone PWN2OWN again this year. They increased the cash pool for mobile devices to $60K, this looks like a statement! The devices/platforms are: iPhone (of course), BlackBerry, S60 (Nokia), Android.

Tuesday, February 02 2010

Mobile Security News February 2010

SecurStar did it again in 2006 there was RexSpy and in 2010 we have this mobile phone crypto comparison. But the knowledgeable community is big enough to identify and point out this kind of advertising/scam fast enough.

Conferences, the only interesting talk I found is: iPhone Privacy by Nicolas Seriot at Black Hat DC this week.

In other news, I still need a Nexus One. It is still not available to buy out side of the US. *ARG*

Updated (Feb 2nd):