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Wednesday, December 22 2010

Mobile Security News Update December 2010

I will give a talk at the 27th Chaos Communication Congress together with my student/colleague Nico Golde The title of our talk is SMS-o-Death: from analyzing to attacking mobile phones on a large scale. The talk is about attacking feature phones. This should be very interesting for everybody since we put quite some effort into this research and prepared a good talk. This will be on Day-1 in Saal 1. (We are still not listed yet).

I hope to see many of you guys at the congress!

TAC Database needed for research...
    recently I (and a friend of me too) was looking for a open TAC database but we could not find one. Does anybody have a hint? If nothing exists what about a TAC database around the OpenBSC/osmocom projects?
Smartphone security paper by enisa Past conferences:
    POC2010 had two mobile related talks. 1) Stefan Esser, "iPhone Hacking and Security(Adding ASLR to Jailbroken iPhones)" and 2) Silverbug, "Android Application Hacking & Security Threat". Unfortunately no slides are available yet.