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Sunday, June 08 2008

Looking for a new notebook...

I'm looking for a new notebook to replace my IBM Thinkpad T42p. I don't need a new notebook right now but it will need to be replaced this year. My new notebook will be a ultra portable, that weights 1.5Kg or less. The screen should be 12" or 13" inch with a resolution of at least 1200x800. I further need some dual core CPU, 2GBs of memory, and at least 120GB hard disk.

Yesterday I finally had some hands one time with a MacBook Air and an Lenvo Thinkpad X300 both devices haven been on my radar for some time now. Both devices have their problems. The Air doesn't have an ethernet port and too few USB ports. The X300 only comes with an SDD that is way too small and further makes the device very expensive. Btw. I don't care for a CD/DVD drive or PCMCIA/ExpressCard. Both devices really are super thin and light - it really makes a difference to actually hold one in your hand. Now having seen both devices making a decision is even harder.

I'm also considering something like an MSI Wind together with a big LCD monitor for my home office. I'll never buy anything from Sony so I haven't even looked at any of the Vaios.


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