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Thursday, October 06 2005


is a serial multiplexer for wavecom modems

from the readme:
    wavecom modes have a multiplexing mode to send two streams over one serial line, one stream for commands (AT) and one for data (GPRS) the multiplexer will spawn two sockets one for each stream, the data socket will be dead until a GPRS connection is initiated

    command socket is: /var/run/wavecom_mplex_cmd

    data socket is: /var/run/wavecom_mplex_data

    this is part of the h63xx port Linux port!
download: mplexd-0.1.tar.gz

see MINICOM for howto use minicom with mplexd, GPRS has not been tested sofar (lame, I know)

for more infos see: www.handhelds.org/moin/moin.cgi/HpIpaqH6315


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