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Sunday, May 24 2009

Mobile Security News May 2009

First of all conferences. EUSecWest is taking place the coming week in London. It will feature multiple mobile security related presentations. First Charlie Miller and Vincent Iozzo each have a iPhone related talk. Second Petr Matousek will speak about rootkits on Windows Mobile/Embedded and third Ralf-Philipp Weinmann will talk about DECT decryption. Looks like EUSecWest will be an interesting place to be this coming week.

Right after EUSecWest PH-Neutral is taking place in Berlin where I will be showing of a small side project on mobile phones and web usage. Many other interesting talks will be held as usual.

Black Hat USA started to announce the speaker lineup for this year and yes I'm one of the speakers. Together with Charlie Miller we will talk about SMS Fuzzing. So far Black Hat seems to become very strong on mobile phone security this year. Jesse Burns will talk about Android, Zane Lackey and Luis Miras will also have a talk on SMS but from the description they took a different angle than Charlie and myself. John Hering from Flexilis also seems to have gotten accepted with a mobile phone related talk that sounds very interesting Is your phone pwned? Auditing, attacking, and defending mobile devices. Last but not least Charlie Miller and Vincent Iozzo will do an iPhone talk. I actually hope for more mobile phone related talks, lets wait and see.

The Nokia 1100 story is getting more and more annoying. In this article it is reported that this company called Ultrascan replicated the SMS interception. No technical details of course. So now I'm looking for people who are interested in the topic and who would also like to understand this and possibly replicate it.

See you at PH-Neutral this weekend!

    So it seems Google/HTC pushes Android security updates without publishing a change log. WTF?!? Any rumors about what this is about?