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Tuesday, May 07 2013

Mobile Security News Update May 2013

    NoSuchCon finally released their agenda.They have an interesting lineup but no mobile talk.

    SourceDublin Android application reverse engineering & defensesi by Patrick Schulz & Felix Matenaar.

    SummerCon has posted it's schedule. I'll present some work I've done on Dynamic Dalvik Instrumentation.

    REcon has stared to post talks. Reversing HLR, HSS and SPR: rooting the heart of the Network and Mobile cores from Huawei to Ericsson by Philippe Langlois. Reversing and Auditing Android's Proprietary Bits by Joshua J. Drake.

    Shakacon Deviant Ollam - Android Phones Can Do That?!? Custom Tweaking for Power Security Users. Max Sobell - Android 4.0: Ice Cream "Sudo Make Me a" Sandwich. Andreas Kutz - Pentesting iOS Apps - Runtime Analysis & Manipulation.

Some interesting upcoming talks! I guess everybody else an their moms are waiting to hear back from the Black Hat USA CfP.

SyScan'13 review
    SyScan was a totally awesome event. Really good talks and lots of them. My favorite talk was: Bochspwn: Exploiting Kernel Race Conditions Found via Memory Access Patterns by Mateusz Jurczyk and Gynvael Coldwind.