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Thursday, September 17 2009

Mobile Security News September 2009 p2

Lets start with conferences again. I'll be speaking at the 5th Annual Mobile Device Management and Security Forum this is a more high level non-technical conference, haven't been to stuff like this so it should be interesting. Another speaking event will be at the TelekomForum - Mobilfunktrends 2010 in Bonn, lets see how this goes.

Michael Mueller of silentservices.de found some nice SMS/MMS/Wap Push bugs in various smart phones. The bugs allow to spoof/obfuscate the sender address/number of MMS messages. This could be used for spam or social engineering I guess. The advisories are here and here.

The guys from the Mobile Security Lab published a primer on Service Load (SL) attacks. I haven't had time to read it yet. You can find it: here

So stuff happens in the mobile security world.