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Wednesday, September 02 2009

Mobile Security News September 2009

Upcoming conferences:

#T2 in Helsinki October 29-30 will have a two talks first Forensics on GSM phones by David Batanero and second Spying via Bluetooth by Jamo Niemela. Especially the talk on phone forensics would be very interesting for me since lately the subject was brought to my attention by multiple people. David Batanero was also scheduled to talk at SEC-T in September but his talk was cancelled, too bad since I'm going to SEC-T but not #T2. As far as I can see my talk is the only mobile security talk at SEC-T this year.

DeepSec in Vienna on November 19-20 will have two mobile security talks. First Hijacking Mobile Data Connections 2.0: Automated and Improved by Roberto Piccirillo and Roberto Gassir (Mobile Security Lab) and second A practical DOS attack to the GSM network by Dieter Spaar.

Btw. I'll actually attend DeepSec this year. I'm looking forward to it since it will be my first time at DeepSec, and Vienna is a fun city.

Other interesting developments:

The various GSM cracking projects seem to be taking off this time around. The people behind AirProbe and Creating A5/1 Rainbow Tables seem to really want to build something that is easy usable. I really wait for the day this stuff is done and anybody with a old GSM phone has to be worried that someone with hardware for about 100 Euros can listen to his/her phone calls and can read his/her text messages (SMS).

I recently I had a fun idea for this idea I want/need a list of hardware that has a build-in mobile phone or GSM modem. If you know of such hardware please tell me (collin[AT]mulliner.org or comment on this post). Please don't tell me about laptop/netbook X with a build in modem but rather about your fridge or microwave that can call or text. So this is a call for hardware with embedded mobile phones!


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