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Tuesday, July 06 2010

Mobile Security News Update July 2010 Part 2

The final schedule for Defcon is out - with a few more talks that should be interesting for us mobile guys. Also I kind of forgot to post some stuff because of my feature phone rant.

Defcon talks: These Aren't the Permissions You're Looking For by some guys from Lookout. This is about Android security. App Attack: Surviving the Mobile Application Explosion by the CXO guys from Lookout.

Unrelated by cool: Advanced Format String Attacks by Paul Haas who was an undergrad student in the RSL at UCSB while I was there, nice!

Android vs. Jon Oberheide :)

Jon recently did a few cool things with Android. His slides from SummerCon 2010. Two interesting blog posts about Remote Kill and Install possibilities on Android and some insides on the GTalkService Connection that is always active between your Android phone and Google. Nice reads!

PS: I organized that I will be able to attend Black Hat :-) So I will get the full Vegas experience once again.


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