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Saturday, December 10 2016

Kiwicon X

I finally made it to Kiwicon this year (special thanks to vt for dragging us out!). I even managed to get a talk in (con bucket list--) making the trip even sweeter.

The conference was absolutely awesome. Well organized, friendly people (staff and attendees!), and a perfect venue. The conference had about 2500 attendees which seemed like a good fit for the venue. I liked the overall program, the intermissions and speaker introductions were absolutely fantastic. In my opinion Kiwicon is at the sweet spot on the issues of size and target audience. It is big enough to be attract different kinds of folks and it is small enough to find people and hangout. I also really love single track conferences!

Sadly it was announced that this was the last Kiwicon, I'm happy to have made it to the last one! Thanks!

Below a few photos and videos from Kiwicon, the official Kiwicon photos are here.

KiwiCon intro #kiwicon #latergram

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KiwiCon sheep

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IR Fire detector #kiwicon

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KiwiCon beer

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