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Saturday, February 09 2008

iPhone Baseband Exploit!

Somebody or some group seems to have found a exploitable buffer overflow in the iPhone's baseband processor. The baseband processor is the subsystem of the phone that talks to the GSM network. The overflow seems to be in the SIM Toolkit manager.

The exploit lets one upload code into the baseband, so one could insert some application into your iPhones baseband. The this application would be mostly undetectable since the memory can not be read from the application processor.

Lets see what happens with this little thing...

From: steve 
To: gsm@lists.segfault.net
Subject: [gsm] JerrySIM -> Executing shellcode on the iPhone baseband


JerrySIM leaked yesterday. It was posted here:

The exploit code has been removed shortly after but google cached it
already :/ It's out.

The program exploits a bug in the SIM Toolkit manager (which is running
on the baseband) and thus enables the execution of shellcode directly
on the baseband.

This is good work.

This has the potential to turn the iPhone into a listening device.
It still requires a lot of work and I do not know if any of the iPhone
hackers is working on it. 


[1] code.google.com/p/iphone-elite/wiki/JerrySim
[2] Exploit code from Google cache