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Sunday, January 13 2008

InfoPanel: Pennon 17" TFT disassembly

today I didn't feel so much like coding (I actually wanted to work on one of my many software projects) so I decided to do hardware stuff. I ended up disassembling the 17" TFT touchscreen I use for my InfoPanel project. This had two reasons. First I need to disassemble it in order to remove the casing to make it smaller so I can put it into my self made frame. Second I need to checkout the touchscreen controller. I think it is broken or has a software bug since it sometimes just stops reporting any events and only comes back to life after power cycling the display. I probably need to buy a new controller, any tips for where to buy such a controller (in Germany) is welcome.

On the good side I found that the actual LCD is perfect for my project. It is only 1 cm thick and has nice mounts on each side. This will make it really easy putting it in my own frame.

For those of you who like hardware porn, the images are here.