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Monday, January 14 2008

Knock-off touchscreen controller?

As described in my last post I have disassembled my Pennon touchscreen in order to identify the touchscreen controller type since it seems to be buggy and/or broken.

On the USB bus the controller looks like a eGalax touchkit device. But when removing it it looks more like a MagicTouch SE-E04U.

A while ago I contacted the eGalax (eeti) for support for the touchscreen controller since it looked buggy. I thought I might be able to do a firmware update. So yesterday I sent them the pictures of the controller so they could take a look (earlier they told me I have strange firmware version of 2.18 - which is supposed to be a DEBUG firmware). Now they of course told me that the controller is not made by them and that they are not going to support me (which I kind of understand). Also they mailed me this Urgent Announcement about fake/knock-off products.

The controllers shown on the site don't look like my controller so now I wonder if my controller is fake or not.

Anyway I'm kind of pissed about the whole story. Hopefully I find a cheap replacement that just works.