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Wednesday, October 24 2007

The Squid Cage in my InfoPanel

right now I'm heavily working on my InfoPanel project every night and weekend. So I decided to share one piece of software (or actually only some fotos of the software) with you. This part is the Squid Cage a Chumby emulator. Like a real Chumby Squid Cage plays back the channel of my Chumby account. Since my InfoPanel has a touchscreen the Chumby widgets are fully usable (besides the ones that use the motion sensor of the Chumby). The video below shows some minutes of playing with my Squid Cage. This is a 17" display by the way. More fotos are available on my project page.

Hopefully the Chumby people don't get this wrong. I really like their idea but until now you can't buy a Chumby anyway.


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