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Friday, March 03 2006

Origami Predictions

so here are my Origami (origamiproject.com) predictions:

In case it is an Internet tablet, my ideas are listed below. In case it is an iPod thingy: WTF do I know, I don't own/use MP3 players!

    * nice display with higher resolution then the 770 (people talking about 800x600)
    * fast CPU, +400Mhz ARM or x86 compatible
    * WiFi, Bluetooth and Infrared (even if IR is dead MS will still have it)
    * lots of RAM/FLASH but not enough to make the thing usable
    * SD card slot, I don't think they go with RS-MMC
    * USB port or maybe some iPAQ kind of connector
software and such
    Either Windows XP (tablet edition) or CE (PocketPC), where I think XP is more likely to happen because CE really sucks in terms of performance and so. Still the hardware will be awesome (like the iPAQ hardware) but the OS and software will make it unusable. Also, will they try to make it an ebook reader or movie player? Yes! So will they totally cripple it with DRM? Properly. Will they sell tones of them, most likely. Will I buy one? NO!

Anyway the pictures on Engadget look really cool (the hardware, just to be clear!) so lets see. Anyone registered origamilinux.org yet?