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Wednesday, August 10 2005

Starting with IPv6

I have played with IPv6 in the past and recently at WhatTheHack! so that I now have decided to get IPv6 on our server running. 1und1 (where our server is hosted) offers IPv6 tunnels for free, you just need to write them a nice email. Also the responds was very fast (1 day). So I could setup everything in one day. Since we already have IPv6 in the Kernel I just needed to patch a few applications (ucspi-tcp and tinydns) and add the IPv6 addresses to our nameservers. I did a few quick tests using ping6 and dig aaaa and everything seems to work fine. The only thing we need to do is patch Apache or upgrade to Apache 2 to serve our web pages to all the IPv6 users.

Now I need to find a decent IPv6 tunnel provider with support for dynamic IPs so I can have IPv6 on my laptop.