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Wednesday, August 24 2005

Google Talk - it's Jabber

I just read heise for breakfast and saw that Google Talk is just Jabber. This is so great! Finally Jabber is used by a big player and should therefore get more widespread soon. It's really time to get rid of stuff like ICQ,MSN,YAHOO chat and move to a open protocol. Nothing is more painful then having something like 5 IM accounts so you can talk to everybody.

Anyway I just setup my Google Talk aka. GMail account in GAIM. Google actually has some documentation on their site on how to use other clients then their own client to use their service *WOHU* The only bad thing now is that Google Talk doesn't accept server-to-server connections right now, this prevents someone with a jabber.org account to talk to someone with a gmail account. When the remove this feature Google Talk will really help Jabber.


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