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Monday, September 05 2005


last Friday I attended the mrmcd11b (metarheinmain chaosdays) a event by the CCC groups from the Rhein-Main area (Germany). This time the event was organized by the group of Darmstadt. Also the event was the complete weekend I could only attend on Friday (the setup day).

There were lectures and workshops on all three days. On Saturday there also was a CTF called da.op3n. And the people of EventPhone supplied DECT/GAP phone connectivity.

The only thing I really noticed (on Friday!) was that the wireless network infrastructure was ONLY done with OLSR (a ad-hoc/mesh routing protocol). This was chosen to play and introduce ad-hoc/mesh routing to a bigger audience also normally wireless (802.11) doesn't work at chaos events because all the geeks just overload the accesspoints. I think this was a really good idea.

Anyway I wish I had the time to attend all three days :(


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